eCommerce and Digital Marketing

Boot Camp for Freelancers and MSMEs

Planning to start Batch 2 of this bootcamp on Sept 30

The overwhelming response to the offer of a webinar series led us to take the step in that direction. TekWorx is conducting a series of webinars and boot camps in eCommerce and Digital Marketing, with its Lead Digital Strategist Bert Padilla as Resource.

As we wish to contribute for the continued development of the Digital Industry in the Philippines, it’s a privilege for TekWorx to conduct trainings to anyone who is interested to learn eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Online Freelancing, among others. Our company mission supports the government’s initiative in enabling more local MSMEs do eCommerce. And we wish to produce more e-Commerce and Digital Marketing professionals as well.

The Resource Person

Bert Padilla is a high-growth Mobile and Web Monetization and Ad Operations Specialist with over 10 years of in-depth experience in IT, Media and Publishing, and Adtech companies. He started his digital marketing career as Tech Blogger in 2008, receiving nominations and awards from local Blogging communities along the way.

Mr. Padilla is currently operating TekWorx.Digital, through its ventures,, and He offers services to local and international clients, mostly Publishers and Advertisers, or both.

In 2018, he was hired as the Technical Trainer / Resource Person by the government’s Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for its Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training (RISTT) Program for the cities of Tagbilaran and Ormoc in the Philippines.

This DICT initiative is in-line with the digital industry trends and growth, not just in the country but also the world. The agency’s advocacy is to empower the local talent in the countryside with ICT-based knowledge and skills, to help address unemployment through online jobs and freelancing. Disadvantaged individuals, such as person with disabilities (PWDs) can then gain employment, without leaving the comfort of their home.
Bert teaches RISTT comprehensive course, eCommerce and Digital Marketing, an intense 11-Day (of a 6-week period) training for Student-Freelancers, coupled with a 21-Day digital marketing campaign for Partner-MSMEs.

What People are Saying about this Training

Bert Padilla is part of the pool of trainers under the continuing mentorship of Janette Toral. Janette is the owner of, a site which has contributed greatly in the area of Philippine eCommerce. She created training programs in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Virtual Assistance, Website Development, Personal Development, and more. 

Local MSMEs that Transformed their Online Goals to Reality

What makes this training different from others is the personal touch of it — meaning, sharing the actual hands-on experience and learnings that Bert Padilla had acquired from 11 years of doing digital. Students and MSMEs from previous trainings where he was the trainer are invited to enhance and refresh their previous learnings. Likewise, newbies and pros are also very much welcome to join.


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