Branding Development

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Branding Development

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Branding development is the competitive edge to your marketing efforts. It is about creating a unique identity that builds your client’s trust and loyalty. Achieving this status will gain you customers, who will buy what you sell.


Before the advent of digital, a brand was developed slowly through word of mouth and traditional advertising. Nowadays, with the internet and modern-day technology, branding can fluctuate wildly. You could be famous today, and a disaster tomorrow. This is especially true if you do not have the knowledge to create an identity that resonates with your target audience.

It is important for Freelancers or MSMEs to learn how to effectively present yourself, your services, or products as a “brand.” However, branding goes beyond logos and symbols. It is about creating a unique identity that leaves a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Developing a great brand is one of the ways to build your client’s trust. In eCommerce and Digital Marketing, you should continue to work on your brand until people know what to expect from you. When this happens, you have earned both their trust and their loyalty. Achieving this status will gain you customers, who will buy what you sell.

It does not matter how much you spend on marketing your products and services, if your brand is weak. Branding development is EVERYTHING! It embodies what your business is, and your values.

As part of the eCommerce and Digital Marketing Boot Camp, TekWorx founder Bert Padilla conducted an online seminar on Branding Development. In this webinar, he will show you the different ways to take charge and build a positive reputation that will draw in more businesses. It combines human expertise and an easy-to-use tool, that eliminates guesswork in creating a strong brand that is easily recognizable.

While this makes it easier to build your brand, it can also work against you if you are not executing the basic steps to create it. That is why this webinar will teach you:

  • WHY learn branding in eCommerce and Digital Marketing.
  • Learn how to “Fascinate” and use Brand Fascination assessment.
  • Create marketing copies using “your” Adjectives that matter.
  • Using Brand’s Advantage to create Tagline.
  • The Marketing Pillars that support every action in business and marketing.
  • Channels for Digital Branding


Branding is the competitive edge to your marketing efforts. It is what makes you stand out. According to Bert, “When you do the branding, focus on the why first, and then the how and the what, will follow.”

For digital professionals and MSMEs, Branding Development is a marketing strategy that should be built into your plan from the beginning. Learn more about eCommerce and digital marketing on our next live webinar. It is open to all, and it doesn’t matter if you are an amateur, digital professional or a business entrepreneur! This online seminar is designed for all those who aspire to upgrade their digital skills. Convinced? Join us now!


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