The Buyer Persona


The Buyer Persona


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  • A detailed written overview of the course.
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  • Buyer Persona templates for you to use.
  • Question and Answer from webinar participants.
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Many companies are struggling to keep up with the buying behaviors of their customers. Their biggest mistake is they have forgotten the importance of a well-defined audience. As a freelancer or MSME, you should create a Buyer Persona, before you start your marketing campaign.

A buyer persona is a research-based profile. It is central to content creation, marketing, product development, services, and sales. A persona is a semi-fictional representation of the ideal customer that you are trying to attract. It reveals the common behaviors, desires, limitations, and attitude of your ideal buyers – what they are looking for in your brand, the challenges they face, and how they make decisions.

Now, are you ready to start creating your buyer personas? In this webinar video, TekWorx Founder, Bert Azura will teach you to:

  • Understand what the Buyer Persona is.
  • WHY buyer persona is important in eCommerce and digital marketing.
  • How to use buyer persona.
  • Learn how to create a buyer persona.

This ensures that your product or service is keeping up with the constantly changing needs of your consumers. In short, digital professionals and business owners must take this course to help them attract their prospective customers.

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