Search Engine Optimization and…



Search Engine Optimization and Analytics


What you’ll get inside:

  • A detailed written overview of the course.
  • Polished recorded video with transitions and captions.
  • Links to SEO tools.
  • Recorded Mastermind Sessions
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Learn how to increase visibility on search engines with this SEO Course for WordPress E-Commerce and Portfolio Websites.

We hear the word “SEO” a lot, and how it can have a positive impact on your online business. The question is do you know the real value of SEO, and is it worth investing your time and money?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process for improving your website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). It makes your site more visible to people looking (or searching) for relevant products or services through search engines. In this SEO Course for WordPress-based sites, TekWorx.Training‘s Bert Padilla will show decisive digital marketers, Freelancers, or business owners how to use the right strategies to expand their reach, and attract search traffic.

Bert will demonstrate how to:

  • Use Searcher Intent;
  • Apply SEO Strategy;
  • Use Keyword Research;
  • Use Long Tail Keyword Sources;
  • Optimize Product Descriptions;
  • Use Link Strategy;
  • Web Analytics, and many more.

Digital marketing should not be based on trial and error. A well-designed and goal-oriented Digital Marketing strategy should incorporate SEO, backed with a good content creation process, and should be aligned with the Buyer’s Journey of your target customers or clients.

Freelancers and MSMEs looking for biggest obstacles and opportunities to improve web traffic must take this SEO Course for WordPress. Grab this opportunity to learn how to save your time and resources by understanding SEO and Analytics for a more purposeful E-Commerce or portfolio website!


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