E-Commerce Introduction



E-Commerce Introduction


What you’ll get inside:

  • A detailed written overview of the course.
  • Polished recorded video with transitions and captions.
  • Recorded videos from mastermind sessions.
  • Course Assessment for you to be guided properly in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and Freelancing.

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This “E-Commerce Introduction” course is the starting point for anyone interested to understand the current landscape of eCommerce in the Philippines. A thought-provoking introduction to E-commerce and its impact on the Philippine digital industry, as discussed by TekWorx’s Founder, Bert Padilla.

This course is ideal for newbies and aspiring online freelancers who would like to upskill their current expertise. Likewise, it awakens goal-oriented Entrepreneurs and MSMEs about the opportunities and potential growths of their respective businesses.

Inside are lessons that come with exclusive and purposeful videos that will help you:

  1. Understand E-commerce in the Philippines context.
  2. Learn insights and trends of E-commerce in the Philippines.
  3. Distinguish the various types of E-commerce.
  4. Identify E-commerce business and revenue models.
  5. Learn popular E-Commerce websites locally and abroad to deal business with.

As Bert emphasized, “businesses who don’t have an online presence will be losing a lot of customers, there is a market to capture!” Take advantage of this course to hone your skills and widen your perspective of E-Commerce in the Philippines, or even abroad.


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