Site Theme and Content Creation


Site Theme and Content Creation


What you’ll get inside:

  • A detailed written overview of the course.
  • Polished recorded video with transitions and captions.
  • Buyer’s Journey Template for Content Creation
  • Links to Useful content creation tools.
  • Question and Answer from webinar participants.
  • Community Discussions
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This is the fifth on the series of webinars for eCommerce and Digital Marketing. It is very important that websites must grab their target buyer’s attention.

An eye-catching website is simply not enough. You have to persuade people by answering their needs with the right content. Don’t waste your time with guesswork. This webinar video will teach you how to develop a site, that will attract your Buyer Persona. It will help you:

  • Improve and customize your site;
  • Study the different stages of the Buyer’s Journey;
  • Design a website that will fit the needs of your buyer and the stage he is in.
  • Take a great photo, and know how to edit it.

Convincing prospects to try your product or services takes skill and expertise. One which, the Resource Speaker, Bert Padilla have spent years to perfect. Improve your content and connect with your leads and customers! Knowing the secrets to the content creation process can make it easier for you to close a sale or a deal.

Simply put, save time, and learn valuable skills in content creation and choosing the best theme for your website that you can implement and use as long as you’d like.


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