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When you execute your digital marketing campaigns, you will receive inquiries from leads and prospects, who can become potential clients or customers. It is important that you build relationships with them.

Freelancers and Business owners like you should gain their trust until they become loyal customers.

Finding new customers could be costly, not only in terms of money but also time and opportunity. As a Freelancer and/or MSME, you should meet each of your customer or client’s needs, keep the relationship, and enhance and delight such customer relationships using a CRM software.

So how do you record and follow-up on leads? How do eCommerce sites keep track of customers?

Using CRM is about maintaining long-term relationships. Your marketing efforts are ineffective if you have no Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place. CRM is the tool that you’ll use to serve your customers or clients in the best possible way, on every stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

CRM in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

The Customer Relationship Management process is normally full-cycle.  Meaning, it’s part of any areas of the business operations such as support, marketing, sales, orders and fulfillment teams, etc. The CRM also helps you know and understand what to do after a customer or client goes into a certain stage of the buyer’s journey. It appreciates its customers and always strive to improve customer relations.

Due to its diversity, Freelancers and MSMEs should be aware that CRM is not only using the right software. You must build a relationship with your prospects, for the sale and deal to push through.

Watch Tutorial Video Below

In the tutorial video below, I will teach you how to build and sustain relationships with your customers. Learn how the CRM system works to foster loyalty and customer retention.

I will discuss the top CRM tools to use, such as Zoho, Salesforce, Nimble, and HubSpot.

I will also show you the steps needed to set up HubSpot on your eCommerce-centric website. And in a matter of minutes, I will teach how you can create pop-ups or slide-ins lead generation forms. Using these tools, you can create engaging lead capture forms to attract your target buyers. You can easily follow and create these free forms, which work on any website.

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Mastermind Session: Live Chat, Chatbot, CRM

I conducted a mastermind session in using Live Chat, Chatbot, and CRM together with the participants of the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Bootcamp + Mastermind program. I embedded the recorded mastermind session from Batch 1 below for your review.

I’ve also made this mastermind video available for anyone who purchased this CRM for eCommerce and DM course here.

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