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Every digital marketer, business owner, or entrepreneur like you, dreams of having a loyal following. One way to achieve this is by answering customer or client needs with appropriate, relevant, and valuable content. By doing so, you increase engagement which then has a positive impact on your online presence.

When building an E-Commerce website, whether for an online store or a portfolio, one of the challenges you’ll face is the type and quality of content to publish. This is also particularly true in content creation for digital marketing campaigns. There are instances when you simply don’t know what topic to write or talk about, right? And with no clear direction, you end up publishing literally “just anything under the sun”.

But, that’s a total waste of time.

If you value your time, don’t waste it with guesswork. You need to be able to create content based on your “Buyer’s Journey”, across all channels you utilize for your digital marketing strategy.

The Buyer’s Journey

It is important to actively take your buyer on the three stages of their journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. You can do this with the right content for each stage. Great and relevant content can build relationships. When your Buyer Persona takes time to browse your site, their trust grows. You are not only working to build relationships with them, but also encouraging conversions. Continue doing this by giving your customers the necessary information all the way through when they are asked to take action or make a purchase.

In the tutorial video below, I shared how you can further optimize a digital channel like a website, with Buyer’s Journey in mind. Of course, the same lesson and strategy can be applied for other channels, like on social media, emails, Chatbots, or even on Paid Ads.

This video will help you:

  • Improve and customize your website that will fit the needs of your buyer and the stage he is in.
  • Concentrate on Focused Audience;
  • Study the different stages of the Buyer’s Journey;
  • Establish a Content Creation Process;
  • Learn best practices for using product images or service photos.

Watch the full video below.

Knowing the secrets to the content creation process can make it easier for you to close a sale or a deal. For a more in-depth discussion, watch the full video below. I’ve also included useful links to different tools and Buyer’s Journey template right after the video.

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Useful Links:


Mastermind Session

To help participants of the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Bootcamp better understand “Buyer’s Journey” and how it provides guidance for the content creation process, I conducted a Mastermind session for this topic. The recorded video for the said mastermind session is embedded below. I have also made it available to watch for anyone independently taking this course.

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The Resource Person: Bert Padilla is a Certified E-Commerce Trainer. He’s also an online entrepreneur operating TekWorx.Digital. In 2018, he started sharing his online expertise as Trainer and Resource Person for one of the programs of the government’s Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT. Inspired to help more and more Filipinos through digital trainings, Bert launched TekWorx.Training in early 2019.

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