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How well do you know your audience?

How well do you know the clients you wanted to serve?

Nowadays, many companies are struggling to keep up with their target customer’s or client’s new buying behavior. This is simply because their messages do not resonate with their target market. This is also true for MSMEs and Freelancers, who tend to forget the importance of a well-defined audience before they start crafting website contents, writing copies, or creating ads for their respective digital marketing campaigns.

What is a Buyer Persona or Client Avatar?

The Buyer Persona or Client Avatar is a document where you put a semi-fictional representation of the ideal customer or client that you want to serve. This document must contain the essential details that describe the profile of the customer or client. You will refer to these details as you use them in marketing, product development, services, and sales.

Buyer Persona or Client Avatar is a researched-based profile that is central to content creation. It allows you to create highly relevant content that will attract customers or clients to your site, brand, product, or service. It reveals the common behaviors, desires, limitations, and attitude of your ideal buyers. This also reveals what they are looking for in a brand, the challenges they face, and how they make decisions.

The Buyer Persona, also called Customer Avatar, helps businesses or service providers to understand and empathize with their prospective customers or clients. Thus, it is important to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is suited to your target buyer’s goal.

Many companies or businesses today talk about what they do – not, what the customer needs. This puts them at odds with their potential buyers. Remember, people are drawn toward businesses that show genuine understanding and concern for their needs. This also holds true for service providers like Freelancers.

Buyer Persona Creation

Creating a Client Avatar is based on customer demographics, behavior patterns, and motivations. Along with the collection of real data about existing customers, you can also create your Client Avatar by conducting market research, surveys, and interviews. A detailed client avatar will provide structure and insight for you to use in selling products or services. Also, it will help you determine how to allocate time and resources across your team and organization.

A Buyer Persona takes away the guesswork so that Freelancers, MSMEs, Entrepreneurs, or business owners can do a better job of acquiring and serving them.

Watch the full video below.

In the video below, I will discuss further the following:

  1. Understanding what a Buyer Persona or Client Avatar is.
  2. The Importance of the Buyer Persona or Client Avatar in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing.
  3. How to use the Buyer Persona or Client Avatar.
  4. How to create a Buyer Persona or Client Avatar.

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Password: tw_persona


Once the Client Avatar is developed, it is not thoroughly complete yet. Always remember to periodically update and refine it to be effective. By doing so, it ensures that your products or services are keeping up with the needs and demands of your customers or clients. Furthermore, your products and services should adapt to the ever-changing digital industry; so, update your Client Avatar regularly.

Buyer Persona Creation Tool and Templates

To create a Buyer Persona, you can use the tool linked below. I have also linked six (6) different templates that you can download and gain inspiration from.
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  1. HubSpot’s Buyer Persona Creation Tool
  2. Buyer Persona Templates


Demo: Buyer Persona Creation for amChatbot

To further enhance your knowledge and skills in creating effective Buyer Personas, I have attached another video below from an exclusive session with my teammates at

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Password: amchatbot_persona


Mastermind Sessions:

The following video is from a previous Mastermind session with participants of the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Bootcamp + Mastermind. I am giving view access to anyone taking this course to complement the lessons discussed above.

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Password: mastermind_persona



In the above training videos and write-up, I shared some insights and tips on how you can use it for E-Commerce and Digital Marketing.

Open the tools linked below and create a specific Buyer Persona for your target customers or clients. Refer to the examples shared in the videos or from the attached samples linked below as well.

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  1. Create your Buyer Persona(s)
  2. Buyer Persona Samples


For questions and clarifications, feel free to comment below.

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