Lesson 6: Setting up CloudFlare and Changing DNS

After purchasing your Web Hosting service (the web server) and registering your Domain Name, the next thing to do is to connect the two.

This involves changing what we call “DNS Settings” inside the domain options and pointing it to the IP address of the web server. First, you need to login to your domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy) to see the DNS settings.

Today, most websites use CloudFlare to handle the DNS Settings. CloudFlare is a Content Distribution Network or CDN. However, we will not deep dive into a discussion about CDN, but you need to note that we will be using it in this tutorial. We will use CloudFlare because it makes connecting the domain and web server, as well as changing the DNS Settings, much easier.

In conclusion, this part is vital as this allows you to install the WordPress Software (technically called CMS). This ensures the accessibility of the website whenever users visit it.

Watch the video below for the step-by-step guide on how to setup CloudFlare and work around the domain’s DNS settings.

NOTE: If you are taking this lesson as a part of the TekWorx E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Bootcamp, or the Website Development course, or if you purchased web hosting from TekWorx.Hosting, you can skip this part. We will handle the CloudFlare setup for you.

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    How much is the total course?

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    I have developed my own wordpress website by following this tutorial. Thank you so much

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    As a starter and with no in depth background in the Information Technology sector, this tutorial has enabled me to understand the basic steps and processes in setting up a website. All the contents of this tutorial are easy to understand even to those who are not tech-savvy. I have learned how to create a personal website for my future blogs and how to equip it with up to date plug-ins so that my website will be simple in design yet elegant in content. I have also learned from this tutorial how to protect my website with a reliable security protocol. Overall, I recommend this training for its very informative and innovative content.

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    Very helpful and informative. Learned a lot from the trainer and the tutorials. Indeed the best among the rest!

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    The tutorial has been very helpful for me. The trainer has been really great and there’s no one better out there. We’re just starting with the course but I’ve already learned a lot of valuable stuff that I can use as a freelance web developer. I’m looking forward and excited about finishing the whole course.

    1. Soliano, Eduardo jr

      The course is very practical for anyone with zero knowledge. Getting there from zero to hero. Kudos to the trainer!

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    Tutorials are easy and simple to follow. Excited to learn more as the training continues.

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    I have heard of WordPress and its uses but never actually used it. This tutorial was helpful and informative in proceeding to understand and use WordPress for freelancing and content management systems. Never did I expect also that WordPress is easy to use for website development and to people whom coding is hard for them. Thank you for this tutorial.

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    I am a newbie in Web Development and the training tutorials here in TekWorx really helped me build my own website. They very are easy to understand.


    Everything about Web Development is new to me, but with the help of these videos, I can make my own website. I’m so grateful with this tutorial and the man behind it.

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    This is really a good training especially for those starting out their own website. Thank you sir!

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