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TESDA’s Development of Functional Analysis and Competency Standard for Digital Marketing Training Course

We’re ecstatic to unveil a pivotal advancement in digital marketing education with TESDA! From July 31 to August 4, 2023, the Development of Functional Analysis and Competency Standards for TESDA was completed at the TESDA 7 Regional TVET Innovation Center in Cebu.

During this 5-day intensive workshop, participants from DICT 7, top industry partners, TESDA 7 and its Provincial Offices, and progressive training institutions gathered. Their shared vision was to redefine the trajectory of digital marketing education, creating a platform for budding marketers.

Our very own Bert Padilla of stood out, offering unparalleled technical expertise. His dedication and insights were instrumental in steering the workshop towards success. Bert’s mastery of digital marketing was evident as he fostered an atmosphere of immersive learning.

The sessions dived into the intricate aspects of digital marketing, bringing forth cutting-edge strategies and data-driven insights. A focal point was the establishment of up-to-date digital marketing competency standards, reflecting current industry dynamics.

A spirit of collaboration and a unified purpose resonated throughout the week. There was an ardent drive towards introducing innovation in the curriculum and shaping next-gen digital marketers.

This initiative’s ripple effect is profound. The subsequent “Curriculum Development” phase aims to devise industry-relevant digital marketing programs, addressing both businesses’ and learners’ unique needs.

Acknowledging TESDA’s commitment to enhancing Filipino lives, this venture stands as a testament to collaborative growth in digital marketing education. It’s evident that this initiative will be a benchmark in shaping the digital marketing curriculum development landscape.

We’re immensely grateful to TESDA for endorsing a culture of incessant learning. Together, we’re sculpting the pillars of the future digital marketing realm.

Keep a lookout for more updates on our progressive journey, as we’ll share more details about the Digital Marketing Course with TESDA.

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