Trainer’s Note: This tutorial features video clips/tutorial from webinar sessions on Blogging. The knowledge and skills you’ll learn from this course will help you better understand how to incorporate blogging into your digital marketing strategy. Each video clip comes with text contents, links to relevant sites, and other training materials that will help you understand this topic easily and apply the lessons learned accordingly.

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Although blogging has been around for some time now, it is still a good strategy in gaining visibility for your eCommerce website. Blogging is a skill every digital entrepreneur must develop. It is an Inbound Marketing strategy that helps create brand awareness and drive sales.

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Blogging can serve as a channel for your ideas, opinions, and feelings. It gives you the opportunity to connect with your target audience. With good skills, every blogging idea that you generate can help in promoting your products or services.

Each blog can reinforce your brand voice, such that it becomes easily recognizable to your loyal followers. It shows your unique personality, turning you into an “influencer.” This is because blogging is a community-based activity. Engaging your audience while building relationships can boost your brand reputation.

Blogging in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

In the tutorial video below, I will teach you how to keep your readers engrossed. You will learn how to write blogs that will be a perfect complement to your digital marketing goals. One that will help you create your own distinctive presence in your niche. I will cover the following topics:

  • How to target the audience of your blog post.
  • What key takeaways do you want the reader to know?
  • Creating an outline for your blog post.
  • Writing your blog post (introduction, body, conclusion)
  • How to make sure your SEO Yoast provides a compelling summary.
  • Adding a custom blog header/title on your post.
  • Important elements of a blog post and how to do them correctly.

Inside, I will also discuss the different types of blog post templates such as the “The How-To’s,” “The List-Based,” and more.

Finding Blogs

Finding relevant blogs can help you in promoting your own website. Below are some of the reasons for finding blogs:

  • Linking Purposes
    • Outreach (who mentioned you, who is similar to you, whose concern you address)
    • Linking out (one-way or mutual)
  • Content Inspiration
    • Discover relevant topics you can talk about
  • Finding Experiences or Point of View (PoV)
    • Learn what others are sharing on their blogs

Watch Tutorial Video Below

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A blog can showcase your knowledge and expertise. Publishing relevant and informative blogs can bring you recognition as an authority. This can be a great way to build up your online portfolio.

Watch the tutorial video below as I share to you how to skillfully connect with potential buyers, promote your brand, and even generate revenue.

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Password: tw_blogging


Mastermind Session: Blog Publishing Best Practices

I conducted a mastermind session on Blogging together with the participants of the eCommerce and Digital Marketing Bootcamp + Mastermind program. I embedded the recorded mastermind session from Batch 1 below for your review.

For this session, I shared the best practices (and my personal practices as well) on how to create and publish a blog post. I also shared how to go about with the configurations and settings for the blog layout, particularly for users using the OceanWP Theme. Lastly, I discussed what are the important elements that you need to pay attention to in the WordPress blog editor.

I’ve also made this mastermind video available for anyone who purchased this Blogging for eCommerce course here.

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Password: mastermind_blogging


For questions and clarifications, feel free to comment below.

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The Resource Person: Bert Padilla is a Certified E-Commerce Trainer. He’s also an online entrepreneur operating TekWorx.Digital. In 2018, he started sharing his online expertise as Trainer and Resource Person for one of the programs of the government’s Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT. Inspired to help more and more Filipinos through digital trainings, Bert launched TekWorx.Training in early 2019.

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