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18 Bot Building Platforms to Create and Build Messenger Chatbot

Messenger automation is now increasingly popular, and are used by companies for their digital marketing campaigns. And just like for any other digital marketing tools, a digital marketer must certainly look for a Messenger chatbot builder to use.

Here at TekWorx, it’s no secret that we use ManyChat for our Messenger Chatbot development service. But we always explore other platforms, too. And that said, we’re sharing some of the popular chatbot builders this 2019 below.

But before you proceed, do you know the difference between a chatbot development platform and a chatbot publishing platform?

Most people are familiar with a chatbot publishing platform, this is where you interact with chatbots such as FB Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. On the other hand, a chatbot development platform is a tool which helps you create a chatbot. Due to the recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), creating a chatbot on your website and messaging apps is now easier.

Some of these chatbot builders are relatively simple to manipulate, especially those that make use of the drag and drop feature. But before jumping on the bandwagon, take the time to familiarize yourself with the features of these platforms. Below are 18 bot building platforms that will help you create the messenger chatbot that will suit your needs:

18 Chatbot Builder for Facebook Messenger Platform this 2019

1. ManyChat

ManyChat platform for chatbot development.

ManyChat helps you create a chatbot for marketing, sales, and support using Facebook Messenger. Using their visual drag ‘n’ drop builder, you can set up your Facebook Messenger bot without any programming. It provides a complete set of tools to convert anyone into a subscriber. After acquiring your contacts, ManyChat’s automated sequences allows you to send messages based on user actions or a time delay. They have multiple chats per Facebook account, and their integrated Live Chat notifies you when your attention is needed to have a conversation with your subscriber.

Available plan/s. A Free version is available, which can be upgraded to Pro based on the number of active subscribers.

2. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is a chatbot platform specifically made for Facebook.

Chatfuel is a chatbot platform specifically made for Facebook. No coding is required, even newbies can build their chatbot on FB Messenger. It offers a wide selection of templates for marketing, sales, and support. Since people prefer to chat, it uses Artificial Intelligence technology for scripting interactive conversations. It also provides content cards which you can share to your followers or allows you to gather information inside Messenger chats using forms.

Available plan/s. A free version is available but can be upgraded to premium for more features.

3. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a chatbot builder for the Messenger platform.

MobileMonkey is a chatbot platform that focuses on Facebook Messenger. Its features include chat blasting, segmenting your audience, and building messenger funnels that opt people into audiences when they click on the messenger ad. MobileMonkey can be programmed to make appointments, reply to the most frequently asked questions, and track purchases. Using A.I. to match content to intent via keywords and interactions, it also offers chatbot analytics, drip campaigns, and advanced integrations when you upgrade to their paid plans.

Available plan/s. A free version is available, which can be upgraded to Pro and Team for added features.

4. ActiveChat

ActiveChat, chatbot builder for Shopify and WooCommerce platforms.

ActiveChat is a chatbot builder which features supported platforms and cross-apps integration such as Shopify and WooCommerce. It caters to the needs of newbies and seasoned developers using easy to create bot flow and sequence with its visual drag and drop creator. For beginners, the platform comes with a range of pre-built templates, which can be tweaked to your specifications. And for advanced botmakers, they can access a number of advanced tools to build complex bots which can be customized and integrated with and Dialogflow.

Available plan/s. Freemium versions are available. The free version has limited features.

5. Gupshup


Gupshup is a smart messaging platform that offers APIs for bot developers. The API can integrate across channels such as social media, messaging, and voice-activated applications. It’s smart-messages contain structured data and intelligence, enabling advanced messaging workflows and automation. Gupshup features a bot platform for scripting conversations and CRM tools to manage your messenger marketing campaigns. It is suitable for various industries including eCommerce, travel, and heath.

Available plan/s. Gupshup is free, just download it from Github.

6. Flow XO

Flow XO

FlowXO lets you build a chatbot only once for a variety of platforms such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, and website, among others. This allows users to continue their conversations between different channels, e.g. start from the site and resume conversation in Facebook messenger on a mobile device. The platform’s workflow features will save you a lot of time in creating conversational responses. Its pre-built templates allow you to customize with the drag and drop editor.

Available plan/s. FlowXO is free for 5 bots and 500 interactions per month. But you can upgrade to a standard plan (15 bots and 5000 interactions), or a premium version to access more features (with additional bots and interactions).

7. Surveybot


Surveybot is a chatbot builder that creates free surveys and collect answers via Facebook Messenger. It has over twelve question types, re-engagement rules, latest conversational tool, answer piping, and more. Surveys can be distributed through Facebook campaigns. The survey automatically starts when someone comments on your post. You can also customize your own conversational surveys, and engage with prospects using Facebook Advertising to optimize your research.

Available plan/s. The first 50 survey responses are free. Afterward, you will need to pay in order to access the survey results. Subscribers get full access to all features and support, regardless of the number of responses needed.

8. Sequel


Sequel is a chatbot building platform that uses a wide range of templates, that you can customize using its drag-and-drop editor. It has a template for publishers, for personal assistants, StoryBot, GameBot, and others. Sequel seeks to connect with users on a conversational level using NLP and interactive content. It works with Facebook Messenger, Viber, Kik, and Telegram. The platform focuses on engaging the audience and market the product to journalists, celebrities, influencers, and game creators.

Available plan/s. The Sequel chatbot builder is free.

9. ItsAlive


ItsAlive provides a platform wholly designed for FB Messenger. Using a simple and intuitive platform, it lets you to automate conversations, and broadcast messages. It provides an easy-to-use interface and support services for brands that want to stand out by optimizing customer relationship, including your acquisition or loyalty campaigns.

Available plan/s. ItsAlive is free for 1 bot and 1000 messages per month. But you can upgrade to Solo, Plus, or Pro to access more features (with additional bots and interactions).

10. LeadFlip


LeadFlip is a lead generation chatbot builder for businesses. It features industry-specific templates that you can deploy to your website and Facebook pages instantly. It allows you to visually follow your conversation path and edit any block with one click. There is no need to share a single account across your team, it can work with Unlimited Admins and Agents. Using the Facebook Auto Comment Reply function, you can directly send a message to the potential customers who commented on your Facebook Page.

Available plan/s. Although, sign-up is free, and offers a 14-day free trial. The LeadFlip chatbot builder is paid monthly, with lead-based pricing policy.

11. Botsify


Botsify is a chatbot building tool that uses a drag-n-drop interface that helps you with template design to build chatbots. Using this platform, you can easily create bots at your Facebook, website or Slack without any coding knowledge. It provides customer support in multiple languages and comes with a Human Fallback feature. Botsify also provides machine learning, analytics and plugin integrations, and Smart artificial intelligence.

Available plan/s. The botsify platform is free for one bot and 100 unique users. You can upgrade to Basic, Premium, and Enterprise, depending on the number of chatbots and unique users.

12. Dialogflow


Dialogflow operates on the Google Cloud Platform and allows users to build voice and text-based conversational interfaces for mobile apps, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Cortana, and others. It also supports more than 20 languages including Spanish, French, and Japanese. Dialogflow utilizes machine learning and NLP for building “natural and rich conversational experiences.” Because of its focus on NLP, setup and training for this platform can be a bit challenging.

Available plan/s. The Standard Edition is free. You can also upgrade to the pay-as-you-go Enterprise Edition which depends on the number of requests, and the total duration of audio processed, etc.

13. ChatterOn


ChatterOn is another bot development platform that allows users to build Facebook Messenger chatbots without coding using pre-built customizable chatbots. The platform helps you build the bot flow and set up the AI by just entering a few examples of the expected conversation between the user and bot. What is distinctive about ChatterOn is that using Radbots, you can build and monetize your chatbots with targeted advertising. Moreover, all the bots are powered by a proprietary self-learning contextual AI.

Available plan/s. ChatterOn provides a free plan with access to all its features, up to 15,000 messages per month. After that, you simply upgrade to its business plan by paying $0.0010 per message once you pass the 15,000 mark.

14. is a powerful tool for developing marketing bots for eCommerce. It can automate not only your customer service, but also your lead generation. can also leverage sales, and manage manual and automated digital marketing campaigns. also operates across sites, android technology, iPhone applications, and messengers. It claims to double your conversions from marketing campaigns by routing your ad traffic to a chatbot. The chatbot will reach out to your potential customers in real time and qualifies them automatically with regular follow-ups to give you high-quality leads.

Available plan/s. is paid and starts with a base price, which goes up according to usage. It has a few attractive features such as their “Nurturing Tools” but it is quite expensive, which most SMEs simply cannot afford.

15. Rebotify


Rebotify uses a drag-n-drop designer to create the chatbot workflow, with no coding required. The users only need to build the bot once and publish on multiple platforms. Your bots work with Facebook, WeChat, and Slack simultaneously. It also features chatbot conversation analytics It’s easy.

Available plan/s. Rebotify is free, but you can upgrade to Premium Business Services plan to access more features.


Converse AI

The platform has a complete UI and comes with quick-start templates and automated workflows to minimize the time it takes to create a chatbot. It offers a wide range of integrations, such as Slack, Messenger, Nexmo, among others. features FAQ handling, surveys, notifications, and supports video, voice, and image. It can integrate with any third-party tool, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Paypal and Slack. This chatbot builder also has a built-in query and smart analytics, letting you track users, and enrich customer engagement.

Available plan/s. is proprietary. You have to contact sales for a customized package.

17. is a chatbot platform that offers creative integrations, advanced protection, and scalable applications that are easily deployed. It works with many messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger. Even though involves coding skills to build the chatbot itself, developers can make use of the its visual bot builder to easily build bots. It also features a built-in CRM, real-time analytics, and proprietary AI and machine learning. The platform also allows your bot to be deployed in multiple languages, markets, and channels.

Available plan/s. is proprietary. Just contact sales for a quote.

18. features a drag and drop template to build the chatbot, no coding required. You can edit content on the go and live to test it, such as sharing basic company information, F.A.Q., products, and services. You can also create an online support channel for your clients, such as step-by-step tutorials about your products or service. The platform can also connect your Application Programming Interface (API) to their servers to expand your bot’s functionality.

Available plan/s. is free, but they encourage developers to check out their paid npm package (short for Node.js package manager), that lets you send and receive a request from your bot to your server using one single function

To sum it up, chatbot builders are essential for the development of chatbots. More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon, increasingly relying on chatbots for their marketing strategies. Customer satisfaction is assured since chatbots will reduce human errors, provide round the clock availability, and eliminate the need for multiple platforms.

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