facebook messenger automation to revolutionize your business!

Facebook Messenger is poised to become the leading new marketing channel in the coming years. Messenger’s Active Users is expected to reach close to 2 billion by the end of 2018. Data shows that most people prefer live chat over phone or email for customer interaction. And with automated messaging (or chatbot) disrupting how we communicate, entrepreneurs and businesses should adopt this fast-growing marketing channel.

Facebook Messenger Bot Development

Lead the way and let automated Messenger change the face of your customer service, marketing, sales and growth for the better. This new, cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize the way you conduct business. Messenger bots are autonomous digital messages that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to answer questions and provide automated responses in a very human way.

Take control and make your delivery service faster. With Messenger automated, your staff don’t need time to think, don’t get tired, and your business can operate 24/7. The best part is that it can operate a number of requests at the same time. It is reported that chatbots have cut about a quarter of the cost for customer service. Take advantage of this new audience growth tool, by harnessing its unique strengths and measuring performance using metrics that make sense for the medium.

Pursue your specific goal and increase your revenue by providing a rapid and targeted service. By automating Messenger, you can respond immediately with precisely relevant information. Bots can personalize the information it gives, are good at targeting the right audience, and can adjust to customer needs. In other words, while respecting privacy, chatbots know what the user needs, likes and wants. It responds with lightning speed, increasing the number of transactions. It’s a win-win combination that makes both customer and business satisfied.

our facebook messenger automation service

TekWorx has the authority to voice our opinions in decisively mapping your success online. We have proven time and time again, that we can design not a faceless chatbot, but a character with its own style and temper. We design them to become an effective part of your customer service, reflecting your main objectives and values. Not all bots are created equal, and we are uncompromising in our pursuit to design Messenger Automation that will be a consistent extension of your strategy, and will harmoniously complements with your digital marketing efforts. We do not overpromise, neither do we break commitments. It is this intense drive that allows us take your brand’s consumer engagements to the nth level.

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