Messenger Marketing Automation

to Revolutionize Your Business!

Engage the attention of your prospects with Messenger Automation. We can help provide real-time service using Chatbot and Facebook Messenger. Make your customers feel that you are just a message away!

With TekWorx, we promise that we will:

Change the face of your customer experience for the better

Our Chatbot receives and delivers digital messages in a very human way. Making it possible for your customers to reach you anytime, anywhere, be it on mobile or desktop.

Speed up your customer service without compromising quality

Automated Messenger doesn’t need time to think, doesn’t get tired, and allows your business to operate 24/7. The best part is that it can be personalized to go with your brand. 

Increase your revenue by providing a rapid and targeted service

Bots respond with lightning speed, replying with precise and relevant information. It’s a win-win solution that makes both customer and business satisfied.

Our Facebook Messenger Automation Service

TekWorx is driven to map your success online with Messenger Marketing. We develop Facebook Messenger chatbots designed to become an effective part of your audience engagement. We intend to provide you with the best and timely customer service in your industry. All of these while ensuring compliance to Facebook Messenger standards and policies.