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How safe is your WordPress site?

Have you experienced working on it, only to have your access denied?

Or have it all vanish in an instant?

Nothing is set in stone. An absentminded mouse click can erase all your hard work! But losing your WordPress site does not have to be permanent.

Remember, your website doesn’t end at the design and development stage. It needs to be maintained, updated, and backed-up.

This tutorial will teach you the correct preventive measures to avoid your or your client’s worst nightmare!

WordPress is constantly updated for security and to keep up with new functionalities. This includes core components such as themes and plugins. Digital professionals and business owners must update their WordPress site regularly. This is done to avoid being vulnerable to malware or online attacks. Outdated theme or plugin codes and weak passwords are among the top reasons for getting hacked. But there’s more in maintaining, securing, and restoring a WordPress site you should know about!

TekWorx Founder, Bert Padilla will teach you how to do this. For freelancers or business owners, maintaining and managing a website is important. And the tutorial video below on WordPress Maintenance and Backup Recovery may be crucial to saving your site, be it for E-Commerce or a Portfolio website.

ACTUAL TUTORIALS: WordPress Maintenance and Backup Recovery

Bert’s teaching approach and training methodology allow assertive and goal-oriented individuals like you to easily understand and grasp the subject. Should you have any concerns or clarification, feel free to comment below or send a message on Facebook Messenger.

The tutorial is especially helpful to newbies as Bert will do a step-by-step demonstration on the following:

  • WordPress security (Virus and Malware Scanning + Repair)
  • Password Management
  • Create a complete backup of site
  • Check and update WordPress files
  • Manage themes and plugins
  • Manage spam
  • WordPress Forms (Google reCaptcha)
  • Email Deliverability
  • Database Optimization
  • Performance Tests (PageSpeed)
  • How to fix 404 errors
  • Fix broken links
  • Content and SEO audit
  • Image optimization
  • Analytics and tracking codes review

Armed with the above know-how, you can easily manage and maintain your website, or quickly restore it to working condition. Being totally compromised will no longer be an issue since you have a safe copy of your site, or at least you already have the skills to put it back up and running.

Don’t wait before it’s too late. Know how to save your website with Bert Padilla through this course.

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Watch the full video below.

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Password: tw_wp_backup

Links to Essential WP Backup and Maintenance Plugins:

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The Resource Person: Bert Padilla is a Certified E-Commerce Trainer. He’s also an online entrepreneur operating TekWorx.Digital. In 2018, he started sharing his online expertise as Trainer and Resource Person for one of the programs of the government’s Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT. Inspired to help more and more Filipinos through digital trainings, Bert launched TekWorx.Training in early 2019.

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