Trainer’s Note: This tutorial features video clips/tutorial from webinar sessions on Consumer Protection and Data Privacy. As you do an E-Commerce business, whether for your online store or Freelance business, the knowledge you’ll learn from this can help you be compliant with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Each video clip comes with text contents, links to relevant sites, and other training materials that will help you understand this topic easily and apply the lessons learned accordingly.

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Do you think it is reasonable to receive a free service or product in exchange for sharing data? Most of us do not care at all. We fill up forms online, without thinking about the consequences.

What are the possible consequences?

Could it be invasive or a simple marketing strategy?

When we browse the internet, we unknowingly give data to businesses. Have you ever wondered what happens to your posts or photos when you share them on social media? Even downloading free music or videos, or other digital products has its “price.”

The bottom line is, are you comfortable with this?

Your Data Privacy Compliance

As a digital professional or business owner, how secure is your data? You should know how to protect your clients or customers’ personal information from possible exploitation.

What are the commonly raised consumer privacy concerns?

E-Commerce is transforming our perception of Privacy. In the tutorial video below, I will discuss Consumer Protection and Data Privacy. Is it possible to be compliant? And what are the measures and tools to achieve this? This webinar video will cover the following topics, among other things:

  • Data Privacy Act, 2012 (RA 10173)
  • Consumer Protection on eCommerce, 2008

I will discuss the three main parties involved in the Data Privacy Act, namely the Data Subject, Personal Information Controller, and the Personal Information Processor. In the video, you will be able to know how long you can keep a customer’s data. Discussion on critical and sensitive issues such as what happens to the data of the incapacitated, or dead will also be included.

Data Privacy and Consumer Protection Tutorial

Online business owners, including Freelancers, are obliged to adopt fair and reasonable business practices. Proper security measures must be implemented. If not, please be aware that there is a possibility that you can be penalized by the law as much as 5 million pesos.

Do you know what information the law requires you to provide to your buyers if they ask for it?

Do you know what mandatory web pages your eCommerce site must-have for consumer protection?

These are all necessary for your consumers to make an informed purchasing decision. Watch the video below as I demonstrate how to use the Privacy template generators, and help you make your own. So whether you are a Freelancer or a business owner, practice online safety, and protect your data.

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Mastermind Session 1

For the participants of the eCommerce and Digital Marketing Bootcamp + Mastermind program, I embedded the recorded video from the Batch 1 session below. I also made the video available for viewing for anyone taking this Data Privacy and Consumer Protection course independently.

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The Resource Person: Bert Padilla is a Certified E-Commerce Trainer. He’s also an online entrepreneur operating TekWorx.Digital. In 2018, he started sharing his online expertise as Trainer and Resource Person for one of the programs of the government’s Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT. Inspired to help more and more Filipinos through digital trainings, Bert launched TekWorx.Training in early 2019.

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