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A decisive homegrown E-Commerce and Digital Marketing agency in Cebu City, Philippines, TekWorx is on a MISSION to enabling more local MSMEs do eCommerce, and producing more e-Commerce and digital marketing professionals.

TekWorx upholds a purposeful approach to work. As a data-driven agency partner, our clients count on us for goal oriented and assertive strategies in digital. Our clients come to expect, and we demand of ourselves, the excellence to provide knowledgeable information and authoritative opinion to all inquiries. And in all matters, at all times, we are efficient in delivering our services and solutions. It is this intense drive that allows us to produce outstanding results.


Our services are delivered by a passionate team with years of experience working with local and offshore businesses of all sizes. TekWorx is your ideal partner for the following:

eCommerce and Digital Marketing

Transitioning to online store and leverage digital marketing to grow your business? TekWorx can help bring your products and services in front of potential customers online. We have already built numerous eCommerce sites for local MSMEs and businesses abroad. It will be our pleasure if you'll be part of them.

Chat Marketing Automation

Chatbots can become an effective part of your Chat Marketing strategy. It will harmoniously complements with your digital marketing efforts. TekWorx's Chat Marketing Automation service is uncompromising in our pursuit to design and build purposeful chatbots on Messenger, SMS, and Email that will be a consistent extension of your digital strategy.

Web Hosting

Transform your online business with TekWorx’s Web Hosting solutions. Let our Web Hosting products and services be the catalyst to your breakthrough digital experience. Pursue your specific goals with our flexible plans that provides everything at one convenient price. Backed and partnered by Liquid Web, we provide secure, reliable, fast, hassle-free hosting.


Our gratitude to the Internet is beyond measure. We wish to pay forward what this technology has provided for us. It is our privilege to offer technical trainings, seminars, and workshops for MSMEs, Entrepreneurs, or Business Owners alike interested to learn E-Commerce Development and Digital Marketing.


Have an idea, but don’t know how to start? Perhaps you already have online properties, but unsure if you’re doing the right thing? Maybe you are only executing cautious strategies and following the crowd? Let go of the "can't do mindset" in digital. Consult with us. We can help assertively transform your online goals to reality!

In this digital era, the values and beliefs that reflect our local society, drives how we work with clients. I personally guarantee that our team provides only authentic services, built and proven from their own experiences. And we stay agile, to be relevant in today’s dynamic digital world.
Bert Azura Padilla, Founder and Digital Strategist of of TekWorx



WordPress and WooCommerce for E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Training.
eCommerce and Digital Marketing
Bert Padilla

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